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corporategovernancePDL assist organizations in implementing legal, regulatory and best-practice governance standards which help drive their business processes and performance. This will help in creating a brand and comfort for all stakeholders and the country in general. We introduce corporate governance measures that make a real difference to your organization by:

  • Improving Board effectiveness
  • Improving Risk and Control oversight
  • Reviewing Policies and Practices
  • Allowing proper decision making.
  • Improving communication and breaking down systematic barriers to flow of information
  • Creates an open and transparent system

PDL also carries our Corporate and Supply Chain Governance Audits helping you safeguard business continuity, generate transparency, avoid fraud, waste and disruptions. We help organizations to improve their internal governance while ensuring they meet their regulatory obligations. As PDL we appreciate that Governance, Risk, and Compliance or "GRC" reflects a new way in which organizations are adopting an integrated approach to these aspects of their business.